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Research on the Cruse side of the Family Tree - Cruse / Pascoe

This is a simplified family tree showing the Cruse ancestors of Eileen back to approximately 1786 when William Cruse was born, we assume in Teddington.  As William died before the census had details of names and ages we cannot be sure of William's place of birth.

We only know that William Cruse was born before 1786 based on his likely age when his son Stephen Cruse was born, his death is recorded in the BDM Indexes which started in 1837.  Stephen Cruse had six children by his first wife and two sons by his second.  Eileen is descended from Frances Morrell's first son, another Stephen Cruse.

A little more detail is shown in the tree below which covers the earliest members of the family.                The Icons, e.g. '51, show that we have details from the census for those years.





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