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Research on the Cruse side of the Family Tree - Smith

As anyone who has ever researched the name Smith will know we have a difficult task trying to find ancestors back in time, or beyond family memories, with this surname. 


Eileen's Smith ancestor line peters out with Phillip Smith who was named on the marriage certificate of his son William Henry Smith who married in 1857; Phillip was described as a 'Broker', whether it was in finance or trade we do not know, but living close to the docks he was probably in commodities of some sort.  The marriage took place in The Parish Church of West Hackney in the County of Middlesex.  At that time the parish was a hive of industry a couple of miles north of the London Limehouse docks, and looking in the Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes of the Registrar General shows page after page of William Henry Smith marriages and searching for his wife Lucy Smith, nee Brook, is almost as bad.

This is the Smith part of Eileen's family tree showing her parents Francis Harold Cruse & Evelyn Ellen Smith, but it does not include any siblings.  William Henry Smith also had a daughter Eliza Mary Ann Smith who married a James Martin Coker and they emigrated to Australia and founded another dynasty giving Eileen a handful of distant cousins.  Evelyn Ellen Smith was the sixth of seven children; including Frederick Somerville Smith who was killed at Ypres during WWI and Lucy Frances Smith; she was our favourite aunt who took an interest in all of the family and remembered many dates, marriages, and other family details and was invaluable in supplying information when we started our family tree.







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