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It is often difficult to find the maiden surnames of ladies who married into the family,  so in all the views of our tree we have not included females where the surname is unknown, or the many siblings in the various generations.  There are over 1,780 people in our full tree with 37 individuals given  the surname Spratt spread over 5 generations.  In our database everyone is listed under the original name used to record their first known event such as baptism or birth, or in some cases the census.

In this simplified view of the Spratt line, going back six generations from Clive Spratt to the earliest in the line, James Thomas Spratt born circa 1816 in St Pancras or Bloomsbury, are shown the families that married into this side the family. 

Amy Barker was born in Lambourne, Essex, the eighth of nine children to her parents George & Elizabeth Barker nee Wood.  Her parents and grandparents were agricultural labourers (Ag Labs), probably employed on the local manorial estate.



Our Spratt line has been traced back to c1816, when James Spratt was born in St Pancras or Bloomsbury, but we are not sure which.  He married Caroline Ann Crump Hayward in St Pancras Old Church in 1837, both were 'of this parish', but we have not yet managed to trace James's birth or  his parents. 

The seven children of James & Caroline Spratt, nee Hayward, were Henry John James Spratt, Caroline Mary Maria Spratt who married Charles James Vincent, Frederick Charles Spratt who married (1) Sarah Catherine Oldfield and (2) Elizabeth Middington, William Richard who married Catherine Hill, Thomas Edwin Spratt who married Amy Barker and from whom Clive is descended, Alfred Adolphous who died young and Walter Adolphous who married Jane Mott.

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