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Clive Spratt's Ancestors;

There are four main lines of research in a family tree working back from any individual; on the Spratt side of the family these are:-

Other Spratt family names are:-

Baker   Barker   Boulton   Colbran   Goss   Henderson   Hayward Reynolds   Sinden   Tillotson   Veysey & Wood


Eileen Cruse's Ancestors;

On the Cruse side of the family the four main lines are:-


Other Cruse family names are:-

Anson Attwell Bowers Brook Butcher Chapman Copsey Copsie Elliot Gooding Horn Kirk Lincoln Marshall Morrell  Morsly Newington Noke Norman Pascoe Pouncey Upham & Willmer

Click on a name to link to the page with the family details that we have found.  Names in Blue are links to pages with details of our earliest ancestors, names in Red are for pages under construction and do not have links yet.  We will continue to update these pages so that the full extent of our research is available to anyone who is interested.  There are no names or details of living people, other than ourselves.  Screen shots are from the Family Historian program, which we use to record our history on computer and for clarity we have reduced the size of family trees by not including siblings, etc.    Icons indicate which census years we have recorded, e.g. '41 for 1841 Census.

      Page updated 11th June 2010

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